Smart city Kota A top most place for competitive examinations, Electricity Powerhouse of Rajasthan, the source of fine-grained limestone, Kota-Doria and World famous Kachori have become synonyms of Kota. Now it has got a title of 2nd most Populated city of India (7th in the world ) with the resident of 12100 people per sqr km, says the World Economic Forum (WEF) citing UN-Habitat Data.

Dhaka tops the list with 44500 people per sqr km while Mumbai with 31700 ranks second in the list of 10 most densely populated cities in the world.

Top 10 Populated cities in the world

  • Dhaka (44500 People)
  • Mumbai (31700)
  • Medellin (19700)
  • Manila (14800)
  • Casablanca (14200)
  • Lagos (13300)
  • Kota (12100)
  • Abuja (10500)
  • Singapore (10200)
  • Jakarta (9600)

Why is so much population here?


In Today generation everyone wants to live that place where he can get easily his source of income, and easy access of basic needs. Kota which is situated at the bank of Chambal river has good facility of electricity and water. From the industrial hub to Educational hub, Day by day Kota has emerged itself as Top most place for the preparation of competitive examinations. Every year approximate 1-2 lakh students come to Kota for the preparation of IIT & medical examinations. To provide residents and mess facilities to all the students local people got good source of income from them.

apart from Educational hub famous fine-grained limestone, Kota Doria handloom, World famous kachori has become the reason of source of income for the people of Kota.

Just because of its development Dharma production had shot the scenes at Kota for the movie BKD Badrinath Ki Dulhania and brought Kota in limelight which was appreciated by the audience.

Here I’m sharing some pictures of Kota

Shahid Smarak
Delicious Kachori
images (5)
Garh Palace
Varun & alia while shooting in Kota
Dashehra Mela
images (3)
Kota dam
Musical fountain Kota

What Kota needs more?

As Now Kota comes again in limelight, the legislative persons of Kota should focus to improve some facilities in Kota.

  • Airport facility which was not yet completed from the both Govts and top most priority for the residents of Kota
  • Kota needs to improve it’s ranking in “Swach Bharat Sarvekashan ” by improving cleaning system in Kota
  • Kota should have more private companies and firms here to provide more opportunities to the Youth generation of Kota.

On the completion of above-mentioned points Kota will surely get much more name and fame! You can read more about Kota here #RisingKota

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