Finally, the day for all aspirants was waiting has come here, The SBI PO examinations have been started from today.  Study plan which I shared with you in the last post is quite similar to today examination pattern, You can check my last post here #Lastweek preparations for SBI PO 2017 .So Here I’m going to share the pre-examination pattern of this year.

Let 1st talk about Quantitative aptitude, this section was easy for the aspirants who have prepared very well for the pre-examinations.If you have good practice in basic concepts of mathematics and know every quick trick related to this section, you will definitely attempt 20-24 questions easily. here is the analysis of today examinations

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Series 5 Easy
Inequality 5 Easy
Approximation 5 Easy
Data Interpretation 10 Easy-Moderate
Miscellaneous 10 Easy-Moderate

DI was asked on tabular and line graph, and number series with solution is listed below (On memory based)

Questions Answers Series Pattern
20,29,54,103,184,? 305 +9,+25,+49,+81,+121
7,8,18,57,?,1165 232 7*1+1,8*2+2,18*3+3,57*4+4,
5,7,18,47,103,? 195  (2,11,29,56) difference 9,18,27,36
77,85,69,101,37,? 165 +8,-16,+32,-64,+128
14,8,9,14.5,30 ? 76 14*0.5+1,8*1+1,9*1.5+1,14.5*2+1,30*2.5+1,

Now let’s come to reasoning section, this section was not too easy like QA but who have prepared well on Puzzle, Seating arrangement and other miscellaneous parts will definitely get an edge over others.19-22 attempts with good accuracy can be called good attempts.

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Order & Ranking 3 Easy-Moderate
Inequalities 5 Easy
Coding & decoding 1 Easy-Moderate
Direction Sense 3 Easy-Moderate
Puzzles & Seating Arrangement 20 Moderate
Blood Relations 3 Easy-Moderate

There were 4 puzzles and Seating Arrangements on the topics of Linear, Floor, Order Ranking and RC based puzzle.

English section was not too tough like last year examinations but yes in today examination it comes with little bit change, In place of Error they introduce Phase correction with 10 marks, 12-15 attempts from this section can be good for you!

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Reading Comprehension 10 Moderate
Close Test 10 Easy-Moderate
Phrase Replacement 10 Moderate

considering all slots Overall paper was easy to moderate level, and 60-65 attempts can be called as good attempts.

Best of luck to all the other aspirants for next examinations going to held on 30 April,6th &7th may.

Till then Keep Preparing !!