A big cheerful Hello 😉👋 to all the aspirants of SBI PO 2017 who going to battle with their minds to clear the first phase of SBI PO 2017. As this is the last week of preparations and everyone has sharpened their minds with their practices to get into the exam. on coming to the point I’m going to share study plan with all of you.

As everyone knows SBI PO is one of the dreams Job for all the aspirants, Every year we are seeing some changes in the different sections of the examination.Pre-examination will have three sections consisting of quantitative aptitude(35), Reasoning (35) and English (30).

let’s first talk about quantitative aptitude, maybe this section will be either your strong side or weak side but with the examination point of view you should practice with below-mentioned topics


  • Series: Do more practice on series with different kind of patterns like differences, Square, Cube, Wrong Pattern (  as it’s will help you to get 5 marks easily within 2-3 minutes).
  •  4   20   101   357   982   ? (2278)


  • Simplification /Approximation: This topic is looking easy but you have to be perfect on the topics of average, percentage, Squares, Cubes to get the edge on this topic as its also going to give you 5 marks.Just practice more and more.


  • DI: This is the root of QA section, In the Pre examinations it could be of either 5 or 10 marks.Do more Practice on Pie chart, bar graph, Table chart and line graph . for the faster calculations in this section, you should be the master in Percentage, Average, approximation, and multiplication.

from above 3 topics, you will easily get 15-20 marks, for the rest of the marks you can practice more on SI-CI Average, Ratio & Propagation, Profit & loss, Boat & Stream, mensuration, Time& distance, Time and work, Permutation and combination, Probability. * Bold ones are important ones*

Now coming to the Reasoning section. This section just tests your mental ability how fast you capture the logical functions, situations, and combinations. here is the study plan how you should study in this section


  • Syllogisms: This section was easier one just before the last year examination, but last year they brought some changes, since now in this section you have to find the right statement from the conclusions, still it’s not too complicated Just practice on how to eliminate the wrong one and get 5/5 marks


  • Inequality: This is one of the easiest topics from this section. They could ask you in normal form or coded form. Some practice on this topic can get you easily 5 marks


  • Seating arrangement: (Linear/Circular/floor based) As this is the PO examination so it will be in the complex form like in circular / Square arrangement some people will be faced to the center or rest ones will be faced outside.                                                                                                                                                             They could ask you complex form in linear arrangement or floor based arrangement too.so Just practice on the above arrangement and 5-10 marks from this topic will be yours.

*Tips: read carefully question and note down the hints separately, Don’t read question again and again*

  • Puzzle: for this topic, you just have to understand the question and note down the information separately in small-small strings. The more you practice the more you score high.

apart from these major topics you should practice on Distance-direction, Blood-relation,age-based and alpha-numeric series, statements and arguments questions as all these topics covered miscellaneous parts .(5-10 marks).

Last but not the least let’s talk about English, most of the students always scared from the English section but for this section attempt it smartly. most important thing about English section Don’t attempt the question until you are not 100% confident about it.

download (1)

Comprehension passage: Read it in one time by keeping important points in mind and answer the questions, if you are weak in English then just answer the questions of Synonyms and antonyms based questions by understanding the similar and opposite words from the given options. (5-10 marks)

Errors: to find out errors you should have good knowledge in the grammar section if you don’t know much about it then just practice on previously asked questions .it will give you an idea about different kind of Errors. (5-10 marks)

Cloze test: In this topic, you just have to choose the correct word from the given 5 options, Read the entire passage once and try to understand the theme of passage then it will be easy for you to find an appropriate word. (5-10 marks)

That’s the study plan for the last week of the SBI PO examination.