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IA answer Key and Expected cut off

Hello Guys Khamma-ghani  to all the readers of my blog

Here I’m back with one more relevant post related to exam recently held in Rajasthan called IA (information assistant).  So many students have been waiting for the exam that was held on 12th may 2018 and here is to share answer key made by me and expected cut off for 2018.

Let’s talk about the exam, exam level was easy to moderate, All the aspirants who had studied well, for those exam level was easy. Let’s talk about the individual sections from the exam

Computer: the questions which were asked from computer section were not so tough, all the questions from this section were from the basic level, a few questions were tricky where you have to be Smart Like me. Here im sharing Some of the questions below, You can download the complete set of 150 questions from the link given the end of this Post.

Q The software program which is compiled legally and is usually used free is referred as ?  (A) Public Domain (B) Shareware (C) Firmware (D) Mindware

Q Booting instructions are stored inside :

(A) Operating system (b) Floppy Disk (C) ROM (d) RAM

error arises due to incorrect use of syntax

(a) Input Error (B) Compile time error  (C) Linking error  (D) Runtime error

Q COBOL and Pascal are examples of programming languages,

(A) Object-based (B) Object-oriented (C) Scripting (d) Structured

Reasoning: This section was like icing on the cake for everyone, questions were from the basic level, nothing tricky so as expected everyone had gained more score from here

Gk: This section was a little bit tough as Gk is an ocean, you cant ensure that question will come from the particular section, but in IA paper questions were from every section covered current affair of Rajasthan, India, questions from Rajasthan Gk were tough. So students were puzzled by this section

Maths: Whenever we talk about this section students feel scary, but in IA paper students were happy as in this paper questions were less plus easy one too.

So the overall paper was easy to moderate now comes to expected cut off as vacancies are less, cut off going to be high because of no negative marking + paper was moderate + fewer vacancies. according to me cut off going to be mentioned below, Guys if you found your score from the below-mentioned list then starts your typing in English-Hindi from now !!! 

  • GEN: 100-120+
  • OBC 90-100 +
  • SC 70-80+
  • ST 60-70+

You can download the question paper with the right answer of all 150 questions, I tried best to give you the right answer, unfortunately, if there is any wrong answer you can comment below with question number

Download link

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. Kofi Annan”

I’ll be back with a new post soon Till next post all the best to everyone !!



#Kota : India’s 2nd most Populated city

Smart city Kota A top most place for competitive examinations, Electricity Powerhouse of Rajasthan, the source of fine-grained limestone, Kota-Doria and World famous Kachori have become synonyms of Kota. Now it has got a title of 2nd most Populated city of India (7th in the world ) with the resident of 12100 people per sqr km, says the World Economic Forum (WEF) citing UN-Habitat Data.

Dhaka tops the list with 44500 people per sqr km while Mumbai with 31700 ranks second in the list of 10 most densely populated cities in the world.

Top 10 Populated cities in the world

  • Dhaka (44500 People)
  • Mumbai (31700)
  • Medellin (19700)
  • Manila (14800)
  • Casablanca (14200)
  • Lagos (13300)
  • Kota (12100)
  • Abuja (10500)
  • Singapore (10200)
  • Jakarta (9600)

Why is so much population here?


In Today generation everyone wants to live that place where he can get easily his source of income, and easy access of basic needs. Kota which is situated at the bank of Chambal river has good facility of electricity and water. From the industrial hub to Educational hub, Day by day Kota has emerged itself as Top most place for the preparation of competitive examinations. Every year approximate 1-2 lakh students come to Kota for the preparation of IIT & medical examinations. To provide residents and mess facilities to all the students local people got good source of income from them.

apart from Educational hub famous fine-grained limestone, Kota Doria handloom, World famous kachori has become the reason of source of income for the people of Kota.

Just because of its development Dharma production had shot the scenes at Kota for the movie BKD Badrinath Ki Dulhania and brought Kota in limelight which was appreciated by the audience.

Here I’m sharing some pictures of Kota

Shahid Smarak
Delicious Kachori
images (5)
Garh Palace
Varun & alia while shooting in Kota
Dashehra Mela
images (3)
Kota dam
Musical fountain Kota

What Kota needs more?

As Now Kota comes again in limelight, the legislative persons of Kota should focus to improve some facilities in Kota.

  • Airport facility which was not yet completed from the both Govts and top most priority for the residents of Kota
  • Kota needs to improve it’s ranking in “Swach Bharat Sarvekashan ” by improving cleaning system in Kota
  • Kota should have more private companies and firms here to provide more opportunities to the Youth generation of Kota.

On the completion of above-mentioned points Kota will surely get much more name and fame! You can read more about Kota here #RisingKota

Keep reading and Sharing!



#SBIPO2017 1st day analysis

Finally, the day for all aspirants was waiting has come here, The SBI PO examinations have been started from today.  Study plan which I shared with you in the last post is quite similar to today examination pattern, You can check my last post here #Lastweek preparations for SBI PO 2017 .So Here I’m going to share the pre-examination pattern of this year.

Let 1st talk about Quantitative aptitude, this section was easy for the aspirants who have prepared very well for the pre-examinations.If you have good practice in basic concepts of mathematics and know every quick trick related to this section, you will definitely attempt 20-24 questions easily. here is the analysis of today examinations

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Series 5 Easy
Inequality 5 Easy
Approximation 5 Easy
Data Interpretation 10 Easy-Moderate
Miscellaneous 10 Easy-Moderate

DI was asked on tabular and line graph, and number series with solution is listed below (On memory based)

Questions Answers Series Pattern
20,29,54,103,184,? 305 +9,+25,+49,+81,+121
7,8,18,57,?,1165 232 7*1+1,8*2+2,18*3+3,57*4+4,
5,7,18,47,103,? 195  (2,11,29,56) difference 9,18,27,36
77,85,69,101,37,? 165 +8,-16,+32,-64,+128
14,8,9,14.5,30 ? 76 14*0.5+1,8*1+1,9*1.5+1,14.5*2+1,30*2.5+1,

Now let’s come to reasoning section, this section was not too easy like QA but who have prepared well on Puzzle, Seating arrangement and other miscellaneous parts will definitely get an edge over others.19-22 attempts with good accuracy can be called good attempts.

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Order & Ranking 3 Easy-Moderate
Inequalities 5 Easy
Coding & decoding 1 Easy-Moderate
Direction Sense 3 Easy-Moderate
Puzzles & Seating Arrangement 20 Moderate
Blood Relations 3 Easy-Moderate

There were 4 puzzles and Seating Arrangements on the topics of Linear, Floor, Order Ranking and RC based puzzle.

English section was not too tough like last year examinations but yes in today examination it comes with little bit change, In place of Error they introduce Phase correction with 10 marks, 12-15 attempts from this section can be good for you!

Topics Number of questions Difficulty level
Reading Comprehension 10 Moderate
Close Test 10 Easy-Moderate
Phrase Replacement 10 Moderate

considering all slots Overall paper was easy to moderate level, and 60-65 attempts can be called as good attempts.

Best of luck to all the other aspirants for next examinations going to held on 30 April,6th &7th may.

Till then Keep Preparing !!



#Lastweek preparations for SBI PO 2017

A big cheerful Hello 😉👋 to all the aspirants of SBI PO 2017 who going to battle with their minds to clear the first phase of SBI PO 2017. As this is the last week of preparations and everyone has sharpened their minds with their practices to get into the exam. on coming to the point I’m going to share study plan with all of you.

As everyone knows SBI PO is one of the dreams Job for all the aspirants, Every year we are seeing some changes in the different sections of the examination.Pre-examination will have three sections consisting of quantitative aptitude(35), Reasoning (35) and English (30).

let’s first talk about quantitative aptitude, maybe this section will be either your strong side or weak side but with the examination point of view you should practice with below-mentioned topics


  • Series: Do more practice on series with different kind of patterns like differences, Square, Cube, Wrong Pattern (  as it’s will help you to get 5 marks easily within 2-3 minutes).
  •  4   20   101   357   982   ? (2278)


  • Simplification /Approximation: This topic is looking easy but you have to be perfect on the topics of average, percentage, Squares, Cubes to get the edge on this topic as its also going to give you 5 marks.Just practice more and more.


  • DI: This is the root of QA section, In the Pre examinations it could be of either 5 or 10 marks.Do more Practice on Pie chart, bar graph, Table chart and line graph . for the faster calculations in this section, you should be the master in Percentage, Average, approximation, and multiplication.

from above 3 topics, you will easily get 15-20 marks, for the rest of the marks you can practice more on SI-CI Average, Ratio & Propagation, Profit & loss, Boat & Stream, mensuration, Time& distance, Time and work, Permutation and combination, Probability. * Bold ones are important ones*

Now coming to the Reasoning section. This section just tests your mental ability how fast you capture the logical functions, situations, and combinations. here is the study plan how you should study in this section


  • Syllogisms: This section was easier one just before the last year examination, but last year they brought some changes, since now in this section you have to find the right statement from the conclusions, still it’s not too complicated Just practice on how to eliminate the wrong one and get 5/5 marks


  • Inequality: This is one of the easiest topics from this section. They could ask you in normal form or coded form. Some practice on this topic can get you easily 5 marks


  • Seating arrangement: (Linear/Circular/floor based) As this is the PO examination so it will be in the complex form like in circular / Square arrangement some people will be faced to the center or rest ones will be faced outside.                                                                                                                                                             They could ask you complex form in linear arrangement or floor based arrangement Just practice on the above arrangement and 5-10 marks from this topic will be yours.

*Tips: read carefully question and note down the hints separately, Don’t read question again and again*

  • Puzzle: for this topic, you just have to understand the question and note down the information separately in small-small strings. The more you practice the more you score high.

apart from these major topics you should practice on Distance-direction, Blood-relation,age-based and alpha-numeric series, statements and arguments questions as all these topics covered miscellaneous parts .(5-10 marks).

Last but not the least let’s talk about English, most of the students always scared from the English section but for this section attempt it smartly. most important thing about English section Don’t attempt the question until you are not 100% confident about it.

download (1)

Comprehension passage: Read it in one time by keeping important points in mind and answer the questions, if you are weak in English then just answer the questions of Synonyms and antonyms based questions by understanding the similar and opposite words from the given options. (5-10 marks)

Errors: to find out errors you should have good knowledge in the grammar section if you don’t know much about it then just practice on previously asked questions .it will give you an idea about different kind of Errors. (5-10 marks)

Cloze test: In this topic, you just have to choose the correct word from the given 5 options, Read the entire passage once and try to understand the theme of passage then it will be easy for you to find an appropriate word. (5-10 marks)

That’s the study plan for the last week of the SBI PO examination.



#महावीरभगवान का संदेश जियो ओर जीने दो

जय जिनेन्द्र !

जैसा आप सभी को पता है हर वर्ष की भांति इस वर्ष भी संपुर्ण जैन व अन्य समाज महावीर जयंती ( भगवान महावीर जन्म कल्याणक) मनाने जा रहा है | येह महावीर भगवान का 2616 वां जन्म कल्याणक है



आखिर क्यों मनाया जाता है भगवान महावीर जन्म कल्याणक

सत्य अहिंसा का पाठ बताने वाले भगवान महावीर का जन्म ईसा से 599 वर्ष पूर्व चैत्र मास शुक्ल तेरस को बिहार के वैशाली ग्राम में हुआ था ! तभी से इस दिन को महावीर जयंती (भगवान महावीर जन्म कल्याणक ) के रूप में मनाया जाने लगा ! भगवान महावीर जन्म कल्याणक के दिन महावीर जी क़ी झाकियां एवं शोभा-यात्रा निकाली जाती हैं। सम्पूर्ण भारत में जैन मंदिरों में पूजा-अर्चना क़ी जाती है। जैन सम्प्रदाय के लोग विभिन्न प्रकार क़ी समाज सेवा करते हैं , इस दिन सभी के उपयोगकारी रक्त दान व स्वास्थ्य शिविर आयोजित किये जाते है

भगवान महावीर का संछिप्त परिचय 


जन्म का नाम :वर्धमान

माता-पिता का नाम : त्रिशला व सिद्धार्थ

प्रथम गणधर : गौतम गणधर

जैन धर्म के 24 वे तीर्थंकर महावीर भगवान को केवलज्ञान 42 वर्ष में हुआ व निर्वाण (मोक्ष) 72 वर्ष की आयु में बिहार के पावापुरी (राजगीर) में कार्तिक कृष्ण अमावस्या को हुआ

भगवान महावीर के पंचशील सिद्धान्त :

सत्य ,अहिंसा ,अपरिग्रह ,ब्रह्मचर्य व क्षमा

भगवान महावीर के अनमोल वचन


  • जियो ओर जीने दो
  • हर एक जीवित प्राणी के प्रति दया रखो . घृणा से विनाश होता है
  • स्वयं से लड़ो , बाहरी दुश्मन से क्या लड़ना ? वह जो स्वयम पर विजय कर लेगा उसे आनंद की प्राप्ति होगी.
  • खुद पर विजय प्राप्त करना लाखों शत्रुओं पर विजय पाने से बेहतर है
  • सभी जीवों के प्रति सम्मान अहिंसा है।
  • सीखो समता छोड़ो देष
  • महावीर का एक ही घोष देखो अपना अपना दोष
  • जो निज में रम जाएगा भव सागर तिर जाएगा
  • अहिंसा सबसे बड़ा धर्म है
  • प्रत्येक आत्मा स्वयं में सर्वज्ञ और आनंदमय है। आनंद बाहर से नहीं आता।


मैं इस महावीर जन्म कल्याणक पर यही कामना करूँगा की हम सभी इस कल्याण महोत्सव को बढ़ी धूम धाम से मनाए व भगवान महावीर के बताए माँर्ग पर चलकर अपना आत्म कल्याण करे |


    जय जिनेन्द्र


#Badrinath Ki Dulhania: review

Finally, the movie for which everyone has been waiting for so long got released on 10 march. as the most of the portions of the movie were shot at Kota & Jhansi and Being the citizen of Kota I was so excited to watch my city on Cinema screen.

after two blockbuster movies, Student of the Year & Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania togetherly BKD is the 3rd movie of Alia & Varun as the romantic couple.

About Movie:

BKD is the fun loving movie which has a strong social message for everyone and chemistry of Alia & Varun once again has got successful

Star Cast:

BKD is directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Karan Johar.Music for the film has been composed by Amaal Malik, Tanishk Bagchi and Akhil Sachdeva.

Name of the star cast is listed here

  • Varun Dhawan as Badrinath Bansal
  • Alia Bhatt as Vaidehi Trivedi
  • Gauhar Khan as Laxmi Shankar
  • Sahil Vaid as Somdev (Varun’s friend)
  • Sukmani Lamba as Kritika ( Alia’s Elder sister)


Badrinath and Vaidehi belong from two different cities Jhansi & Kota respectively Badrinath is looking for a typical bride while vaidehi wants to live her life independently.The movie starts with a scene where Badri family was introduced. Badri spots Vaidehi at a wedding and starts courtship her.but Vaidehi wants first her sis Kritika get married and then she will live her life according to her own dreams. Varun’s friend Somdev has a business of wedding planner named as “Chutki mein”.He helps Badri & alia to find the bridegroom  for her sis.

Badri’s father still living in stereotypes and he thought women are only to work in homes so he is not allowed her daughter in law to do the job.But Vaidehi who is going to be Varun’s bride run away from wedding day to Singapore.after finding Vaidehi here and there Varun reached Singapore and supports Vaidehi to pursue her dreams to being an air hostess. at the end, Badri’s father also understands that in this modern age women are not only Just bounded to homes but they also have their dreams to live their life independently.

My View & Ratings: ★★★★ (4.0/5)

Music, comedy and beautiful scenes from different places will keep you connected in the movie. So, Go and attend the Wedding of Badrinath and Vaidehi at ur nearest cinema and add the colors of fun in your life.  My city Kota  also got a fame on an international level so this is also one of the reasons for me to watch the movie desperately

Thank you !!



In India, Cricket isn’t just a game, It is a religion where every victory has been celebrated as a festival.People from Every corner of India cherish the game as much as they can.RCL T20 (Rajwada Cricket League) is very similar with IPL T20.It’s a Rajasthan Version of IPL as it also has same amusement and excitement for cricket like IPL has.This is the 2nd Version of RCLT20 this year!

RCLT20 isn’t a just a league, it’s a perfect platform to emerge the talent of Rajasthani Players.The first session was won by Kota in 2016.2nd Version of RCLT20 is happening at JK Pavilion International stadium, Kota.In this league, 8 teams are participating to win a title of Winner with prize money of 21 lakhs. name of teams was selected on the theme of Rajasthan.

Name of teams


  • Ajmer Meru Warriors
  • Bikaner Desserts  Challengers
  • Chittor’s Chetak
  • Jaipur Pink City Royals
  • Jaisalmer Jaguars
  • Jodhpur Jodhana Royals
  • Kota Chambal Tigers
  • Udaipur Mewar Royals

as this league is happening on the theme of IPL, mentors of all the team’s were selected from international Players. Live telecast of RCL T20 can be seen on Neo Sports and Neo Prime. Daily two matches have been playing.


Cricket fun is incomplete without glamour of Bollywood, following the same trend opening ceremony of this league was happened on 6th Feb and Bollywood sensation Jackie shroff, Chandra chur Singh Joined  and cheered up the fans and the young talents of Rajasthan.


Chandra Chur Singh with Amin Pathan
Jackie Shroff


though the final match will happen on 23 rd but daily different -different celebrities are joining the league to cheer up the fans and players. till now Raveena Tandon,Dolly BindraYuvika choudharyKainaat arora, Zarine Khan and Jojo have joined the league and have praised for the RCLT20.

Raveena Tandon trying her hand on Pitch


Zarin Khan, T Dilshan, Kyle Myles with Amin Pathan on Jersey launch
Yuvika Choudhary
Kaainat arora
T Dilshan

apart from celebrities, RCLT20 is getting an enormous support from everyone. the mayor and local legislator are also honoring and cheering Yount Players. Daily a no of local and other fans are joining the league and enjoying the game on fullest.                                                                     the enthusiasm for cricket will keep going on till 23rd feb. after that we will get another champion of  RCLT20.                                                                                                                                                                       at the end, I would like to thank Mr Amin Pathan who is doing the hard effort to emerging young talents of Rajasthan. till next post                                                                                                                                     Keep Watching RCLT20 Keep Enjoying




Hello, Readers here I’m writing my first blog post about my city KOTA, let me introduce you to my city, Kota is a beautiful smart city and one of the popular cities of Rajasthan situated on the banks of Chambal river.Kota is easily reachable from every corner of INDIA as bus/train availability for Kota is quite as compared to flight and just 3.5 hours away from Jaipur by train.                                                                                                                                                      Earlier KOTA was known for its industries, Kota stone, Kota Doria sarees, and famous Kachoris but now from apart this. Since last 15 years, Kota has emerged as an Education hub of the country as producing top notch results in IIT-JEE and medical Entrance Examinations and has shown why we are rising in the field of development, education, and industries.                                                                                                                                                                As a result of it now Kota development & calmness engaging filmmakers to shoot the movie scene here, Last year Dharma productions team came here and shoot the scenes for upcoming movie Badrinath ki dulhaniya which trailer was released yesterday, here are the few scenes that shown in trailer were shoot at Kota you can check the trailer here Badrinath ki dulhaniya  here I’m telling you about some scenes

Screenshot (124).png
Ghatocgach Circle

Kota City Bus

Seven wonders Park, Kota

Screenshot (137).png
Kishore Sagar Talab drive
Screenshot (131).png
Sharbagh Chatri

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

here is the list of places to visit here

  1. Kishor Sagar Talab (KST)
  2. Gapernath Mahadev Temple
  3. Chambal Garden
  4. Khade Ganesh Ji
  5. Seven wonders Park
  6. Garh Palace
  7. Godavari Dham Temple
  8. City mall
  9.  Sawan Phuhar Water Park
  10. Gadariya Mahadev Temple

with the shooting of this movie, Kota has got new fame on the national level.when the viewers will watch the movie on 10th march and beautiful scenes from Kota, it will urge people to visit and explore the city and it will definitely going to boost the popularity of city with no of visitors who will visit here! airport facility to this place can give an extra edge to this place.

this is the short and sweet story of Kota, in next blog, I’ll write more about kota! till then keep reading and sharing

Thank you !!




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